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C#, Java, C++, PHP, ASP.NET, JSP, SQL Server, MySQL
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034 | 1001 Remote Jobs

Development and promotion of website for aggregating remote jobs in IT area - 1001 Remote Jobs.

Project features:
  • collecting remote jobs from a number of job sites using standard input RSS-feeds or custom parsing
  • jobs collector can be run as frequently as needed (through cron job)
  • separate functionality for operations with DB (data access layer)
  • filtering jobs by skills (30+ base skills - java, frontend, php etc.)
  • output RSS-feeds (filtered by skills also)
  • caching logic for input RSS-feeds, web pages and output RSS-feeds
  • English and Russian versions of website (+ separate mobile versions)
  • Classic MVC (Model/View/Controller) implementation

Environment - PHP, MySQL, NetBeans, TortoiseHg.

Roles - Systems Architect, Lead Developer.

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