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C#, Java, C++, PHP, ASP.NET, JSP, SQL Server, MySQL
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My Projects

033 | Custom Extensions for SharePoint
Development of custom reporting extensions for Microsoft SharePoint. [ Show More ]

032 | Custom Extensions for JasperReports / Server
Development of custom reporting extensions for TIBCO JasperReports / Server. [ Show More ]

031 | Custom Extensions for SQL Server Reporting Services
Development of custom reporting extensions for Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services. [ Show More ]

030 | BuddyCAD Viewer+
Deep re-engineering, re-factoring and extending functionality of BuddyCAD Viewer+ project (a set of applications for viewing and processing P-CAD files). [ Show More ]

029 | Hot Belarus News web-site
Development of Hot Belarus news aggregator. Collects news headlines from a dozen of sources almost in real time (~15 min delays). [ Show More ]

028 | Sarov Monastery web-site
Development, support and promotion of Sarov Monastery web-site (Sarov, Russia). [ Show More ]

027 | Porting PHP to Java
Migration of Brizonia CMS to Java platform (from PHP). [ Show More ]

026 | Lee Digital Archive web-site
Development of Lee Digital Archive web-site (except design). [ Show More ]

025 | FoSoX web-site
Development of Football / Soccer X-change web site. [ Show More ]

024 | Projects Grabbing Engine
Development of PHP / MySQL engine for grabbing projects from freelance marketplaces and posting them to Twitter micro-blogs. [ Show More ]

023 - Theatre Debout web-site
Development of Theatre Debout web-site (on Wordpress platform). [ Show More ]

022 | Online Translation System
Development and support of online translation system. [ Show More ]

021 | News Grabbing Engine
Development, support and promotion of web site for headlines aggregation. [ Show More ]

020 | I Need Soft web-site
Development, support and promotion of I Need Soft... web-site for software products sales. [ Show More ]

019 | 1001 Freelance Projects (re-development)
Re-development of 1001 Freelance Projects web site. [ Show More ]

018 | Brizonia CMS
Continuous development of Brizonia CMS (content management system), web product for quick and easy building and further managing of generic web sites. [ Show More ]

017 | Data Mining Application
Development of web extraction / data mining application. [ Show More ]

015 | Social Media DB Development
Design of database schema similar to one used in MySpace and development of data layer for accessing it. [ Show More ]

014 | Intranet Applications Development
Development of 10 intranet applications. [ Show More ]

013 | Sarov Monastery 300th Anniversary
Development, support and promotion of web site, devoted to 300th anniversary of Sarov Monastery (Sarov, Russia). [ Show More ]

012 | Brizonia Photo
Development of Brizonia Photo, product for fast and easy building of photo galleries. [ Show More ]

011 | Brizonia Listing
Continuous development of Brizonia Listing, product for quick and easy building and administering of classified ads listing sites. [ Show More ]

010 | Brizonia Projects
Continuous development of Brizonia Projects, product for quick building of on-line projects marketplaces - reverse project auctions. [ Show More ]

009 | 1001 Freelance Projects
Development and promotion of reference web site of top world freelance services in IT area - 1001 Freelance Projects. [ Show More ]

008 | St. Seraphim of Sarov web-site
Development, support and promotion of web portal devoted to 100th anniversary of St. Seraphim of Sarov glorification. [ Show More ]

007 | Online Traffic Analyzer (Logger)
Development of online system for analyzing web traffic for multiple clients. [ Show More ]

006 | Small ERP System
Development and support of small-scale ERP system for city's medical department. [ Show More ]

005 | Document Management System (Functional Specs)
Development of proposal for development & functional specification for document management system of large-scale company. [ Show More ]

004 | City's Web Portal
Development and support of city's informational web portal. [ Show More ]

003 | Custom CMS for 3 web-sites
Development of back-end databases and custom content management systems (CMS). [ Show More ]

002 | Learning Courses (Engine + CMS)
Development of backend database and custom content management system (CMS) for learning courses in IT area. [ Show More ]

001 | Online Time Planner
Development of time planning system for medical departments with access to central database using web interface. [ Show More ]

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